Taaj Abhyanga Jasmine Shower Gel 200ml

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Taaj Abhyanga Jasmine Shower Gel 200ml is an emollient and anti-oxidant shower gel based totally of supply water of Himalaya. This shower gel comprises a mix of plants which acts in synergy : Jasmine, Gotukola, Sesame, Castor and Neem. At its application, it transforms right into a creamy and fondant foam at the pores and skin. Its washing base is enriched in Jasmine and Gotukola, with regenerating and anti-oxidant virtues. It cleanses therefore your pores and skin in softness with out drying. This shower gel will leave your pores and skin deliciously fragranced, cushy and moisturized. Formulated with paraben free, phenoxyethanol free, mineral oil free.



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